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Lamella Inclined Plate Sedimentation Tank


Product origin : CHINA

Delivery time : 30 DAYS

Supply capacity : 500 SETS/YEAR

Lamella inclined-plate sedimentation tank


Lamella clarifier, also called inclied plate settler/inclinded tube plate is a high-efficient clarifier developped from common inclined settler, which is an advaned solid-liquid separation. Compared with the traditional clarifiers, lamella clarifier has built-in inclined plates which add sedimentation effects and outlet rate. This kind of settler consists of sedimentation tank, horizontal module components, collecting device and skimmer (option).


(1.)small occupation, only 1/4 of the tradition settler area, but sedimentation rate will improve 3-5 times

(2.)high integration, convenient operation, short construction period

(3.)inclined plate sedimentation, no inclined tube clogging problem

(4.)the settling sludge will fall into the hopper automatically, easy slag removal

(5.)Based on the customer requirements, set up agitator, chemical tank and mixing tank

(6.)convenient operation, easy maintenance and cleaning.

Application area

 surface water purification

 Paper pulp wastewater reuse and recycle

 Metal processing sewage

 Muncipal phosphate sewage

 Factory wastewater

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