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Mobile DAF ship by remote control


Product origin : CHINA

Delivery time : 30 DAYS

Supply capacity : 500 SETS/YEAR

Mobile DAF ship by remote control

Equipment dimension and weight

Max external dimension


Main body dimension

L*W*H: 4300*2100*850mm

Underwater depth


Equipment weight

About 1250kg

Equipment power

Gasoline engine generator


Dissolved air system

Pump:1.1kw air compressor:0.55kw



Chemical dosing system


Driving system


Power storage system


Capacity: 50~100m3/h

Brief explanation to principle

1. DAF ship is a kind of underwater DAF unit, mainly applied for suspended matters, oil, algae and other pollutant treatment. At the same time, it  has the advantages of rapid and efficient oxygenation and aeration, strong adaptive ability, convenient movement.

2. This equipment can achieve smart remote control, off-shore start-up and shut-down, wireless remote control.

3. With its own electric generator, DAF ship can provide energy for dissolved air system, chemical dosing system, power storage system.

4. The energy of DAF ship power storage system can be supplyed by electric generator or municipal electric supply.

5. When the DAF ship moves forward, it can make relative motion betweeen DAF ship and static water. The water flows from the ship bow to body. At first, the DAF ship will enter into the primary reaction zone for coagulation reaction. Then it flows into secondary reaction zone forming floc coherence. After this, it will get into contact zone in which the floc adheres with micronano bubbles via electric charge adsorption. After becoming bubble-floc with small density, it will enter into separation zone with water stream. The bubble-floc will float on the water surface and form scum. While the treated rinsing will separate from the ship bottom and flow into water.

When the ship moves forward, the sludge hopper on the separation zone will gather the scum together and skimmer will skim the scum into the scum collecting tank. When the sluge hopper filled with scum, the scum will be pumped after the DAF ship can move to the shore.

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