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Solar remote-control oxygen aeration system


Product origin : CHINA

Delivery time : 30 DAYS

Supply capacity : 500 SETS/YEAR

Solar remote-control oxygen aeration system

Brief introduction

Water treatment system: take photovoltic direct current as power, reach water supply oxygenated circulating flow, water treatment and mobile function;


(1.) change solar energy into electric energy, it can realize off-grid mode by charge-discharge controlling of storage battery

(2.) Simple structure, convenient operation

(3.) It has storage function, it can operate on cloudy day or at night

(4.) Easy and quick system maintenance, no need of human guard

 (5.) During use, there is no noise, pollution and any other waste. It will not have effects on the environment.

By use IOT technology, it have reached the system cloud management.

Working principle

This system integrate “photovoltaic+water treatment+Internet of thing”several advanced technology, apply for rivers and lakes control, routing inspection, landscape water maintenance, aquaculture oxygenation. 


Change sunlight into electric energy, charge and discharge control of battery, reach island mode

Simple system structure, easy installation

Have energy storaging function, can be used in a cloudy day or at night

Convenient system maintenance, unattended operation

No noise, no pollution, no waste, it will not produce harmful effects on environment

Water treatment

Water treatment system takes photovoltaic direct current as power, achieving the functions of water oxygen filling, recycle flow, water treatment and mobile.

Aeration amount:1m³/h

Oxygenation capacity: 210L/h

Air bubble diameter: <100μm

Oxgeny utilization rate: 50-80% (traditional unit extreme value 30%)

Equipment power:9-12Kg02/kwh(traditional equipment 1.5-3Kg02/kwh)

Internet of thing 

Use of IoT technlogy to control system cloud management

This system can collect photovoltaic and water treatment equipment working condition, river and lake quality data

Through the could and App terminal, we can send orders and control its work.

Intelligent location, monitoring and management

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